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Medicaid Consultation & Case Management

Applying for Adult Medicaid Programs and services can be a daunting and sometimes uncertain experience.This service is designed to provide you with  stress-free and worry-free access to assistive living and medical care benefits. NCSS acts as a liaison between the Department of Social Services and you to help determine your eligibility. Together we will explore your preferred Adult Medicaid Program eligibility requirements.

This service is also available to Special Assistance and Long Term Care Facilities

NCSS will handle the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Consultation and Pre-Determination of Eligibility

  • Collection of all necessary documents that DSS will need in order to process your case.

  • Assistance to the client  with obtaining necessary documents

  • Response to all notifications from and to DSS regarding the case.

  • Application/Redetermination submissions to DSS                                        

Client Responsibilities:

  • Obtain specific documents for the case 

  • Choose a Skilled Nursing or Special Assistance facility (For Long Term Care and Special Assistance applicants only)

What is Adult Medicaid?

Adult Medicaid Programs, for the blind disabled and elderly, are health insurance for low-income individuals, seniors, and people with disabilities. Eligibility is based on your family’s monthly income and resources that are owned. To receive Medicaid for disability or blindness, you must be evaluated by a doctor.

Types of Medicaid

Adult Medicaid covers individuals living at home in a Private Living Arrangement. Must be age 65, Blind or disabled.

Long Term Care (LTC) for individuals in need of Skilled Nursing and round the clock care. Must be age 65, Blind or disabled.

The Medicare Savings Program is a limited assistance Adult Medicaid program for individuals enrolled in Medicare Part A and/or Part B. The Medicare Savings Program can help pay for Medicare premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Special Assistance Medicaid-State and County Special Assistance provides a cash supplement to low income individuals to help pay for room and board in residential facilities. These facilities include:

  • Adult Care Homes

  • Family Care Homes

  • Group Homes

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Support Group Session

Mental Health Services

Are you dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, grief or loss? Or are you just not feeling like yourself? If so, therapy may be a great option for you or a loved one. I am currently accepting new clients. Book a Free Consultation today.

Types of Counseling Offered:

Anxiety Counseling

Crisis Intervention Counseling 

Depression Counseling

Person Center Counseling

Teen Counseling

Trauma Counseling

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